Veterans Policy Advisory Committee

Established by Governor Nikki Haley in 2016, the VPAC is an advisory committee to the South Carolina Military Base Task Force for the purpose of analyzing the contributions and needs of veterans in South Carolina.



To study certain issues affecting veterans in order to augment the ongoing efforts of the South Carolina Military Base Task Force.




Bill Bethea SCMBTF Chairman
Col. (Ret.) Dan Beatty Governor-appointed Veteran
MG (Ret.) George Goldsmith Governor-appointed Veteran
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jack Klimp Governor-appointed Veteran
Col. (Ret.) Barry Wingard Governor-appointed Veteran
The Honorable Thomas McElveen, SC Senate
The Honorable Shannon Erickson, SC House of Representatives
MG Bob Livingston Adjutant General
MG (Ret.) William F. Grimsley SC Department of Veterans Affairs
Cheryl Stanton SC Department of Employment and Workforce
Sara Goldsby SC Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services
Kenneth W. Rogers, MD SC Department of Mental Health
Mary Poole SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
Todd Humphries, Ex Officio SC Association of County Veterans Affairs Officers

Executive Order


2016-24 | Establishing the Veterans Policy Advisory Committee


Links to Resources for Veterans


Veterans Administration, Columbia Regional Benefit Office

South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs

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VPAC 2017 Annual Report