2019 Legislative Session Concludes

By May 31, 2019Legislation

A primary role of the MBTF is to identify Legislation that supports military operations and ensures that South Carolina offers a welcoming environment to military families and veterans.  A summary of the 2019 Legislative Initiatives supported by the MBTF is found here.  The summary reflects the status of bills on the Task Force list of initiatives as of May 30.  The Governor has signed the budget and none of the vetos impacted any of these Acts or appropriations.

We are grateful for the progress made during this session, but wish we could have accomplished more.  We do, however, have a decent start for 2020…and we need to start working on that June 1!  The progress we make during the remainder of 2019 will have a large impact on our success in 2020.  Look at the bright side…there are fewer bills we need to promote.  That allows us to concentrate our focus and energy.

Thank you for your support throughout this session.  Please help us lay the ground work for an even more successful 2020!  Have a great summer and we will stay in touch.

All the best,


William L. Bethea, Jr.

Chairman, SC Military Base Task Force