2019 Legislative Priorities

By February 27, 2019Legislation

A primary role of the MBTF is to identify Legislation that supports military operations and ensures that South Carolina offers a welcoming environment to military families and veterans.  These proposed Bills represent priorities shared by the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.  The MBTF encourages our state representatives to support this legislation. For more information, please contact us. Our 2019 Legislative priorities are here. We update this listing weekly.

Here are the highlights from Legislative Week 10 (March 12-15)

House Passed Bills in the Senate:

H. 3135 (Workforce Enhancement and Military Recognition) In Senate Finance Committee

H. 3136 (Amended Special Needs with Military Proviso) In Senate Finance Committee

*H. 3180 (SC Service Members Civil Relief Act) In Senate Family and Veteran Service Committee

H. 3639 (In-state Tuition) In Senate Finance Committee

H. 3101 (Interstate Medical Licensure Compact) In Senate Medical Affairs Committee

*H. 3438 (Veterans Affairs as a Cabinet Department) In Senate Family and Veterans Services Committee

* See Detail Below

Senate Passed Bills in the House:

S. 199 (Veterans Designation on Driver’s License) in House Education and Public Works Committee

S. 455 (Military Service Occupation and Credentialing Act) in House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee

*There was significant movement in the Senate on two key House bills this past week.  H. 3438 (Veteran’s Affairs to Executive Branch) was amended by delete and replace by the Veterans Service subcommittee in the Senate and is scheduled for full committee consideration this Wednesday.  Also important, the same Senate subcommittee gave a favorable report to H. 3180(Service Members Civil Relief Act), a bill we have attempted to pass for three years.  Both of these major bills go to the full Senate and Family Services Committee on Wednesday of this week at 9:00 AM in Gressette Room 207.  Getting these to the full Senate this week will be a major step forward!!

Please reach out to your friends and neighbors to encourage consideration of the two key bills in the Senate this week and next!  These are very important pieces of military/veteran friendly legislation!

Thank you for your continued support.

All the best,


Chairman, SC Military Base Task Force