Fort Jackson & Army Reserve


Columbia, SC

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FORT JACKSON: Fort Jackson has become the largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center. Fort Jackson trains 54 percent of the Army’s Basic Combat Training (BCT) load and 61 percent of all women entering the army. BCT is a ten-week course that trains soldiers in rifle marksmanship, dismounted land navigation, patrolling, military operations in urban terrain, convoy defense, improvised explosive device (IED) defeat, as well as other essential skills for soldiers. BCT is provided to nearly 45,000 soldiers at Fort Jackson each year.

ARMY RESERVE: The Army Reserve is seamlessly integrated with, and always responsive to, the Army and provides Soldiers and units to the Joint Force, tailored for specific requirements, both at home and overseas. Army Reserve units include the majority of the Army’s medical, logistical, transportation, full-spectrum engineering, civil affairs, and legal affairs services. Army Reserve Soldiers draw on their professional and civilian skills as they perform these high-demand tasks that are too expensive to maintain on active duty when not required. The 81st Regional Support Command, headquartered at Fort Jackson, supports Army Reserve Soldiers, civilians, and families across nine states and Puerto Rico.